Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Pet

By Sam Derbyshire (formerly Kingsley), Animal Wellness Educator

Here at Natur-Tyme, it pleases us to see that more and more individuals are making eco-friendly choices. Do you make eco-friendly choices for your pet? We can help you!

When choosing food, make sure that your choices are the cleanest available. My preferred dry and canned brand is Evo. They’ve used high-quality ingredients since their inception in 1992. Their facility is as eco-friendly as possible as well; they use recycled paper and plastic in their packaging. They even went as far as switching their “corporate-use cars” to hybrid cars, cutting their overall emissions footprint by 30% in the first year.

Other brands such as Fromm’s, Pet Guard, and Newman’s Own are made in the USA, and utilize organic ingredients as often as possible, which helps keep pesticides out of the environment. They also use packaging that is comparable to the standards set for packaging of human foods. Pet supplement companies have jumped onboard with the eco-friendly trend as well. Several companies we recommend are certified organic, use recycled materials in their packaging, and use only Non-GMO, non-engineered, and non-altered ingredients. This, again, helps to lessen their environmental footprint, prevent chemical runoff into the soil and water supply, and avoid the potential issues involved with genetically modifying seeds and plants.

Keywords to look for on your pet products are:

• Certified organic

• Non-GMO/no engineered ingredients/no altered ingredients

• Free-Range/Grain-fed (meat source)

• No fillers, binders, additives, flavor enhancers, etc.

• No Corn/No Soy – OR – Non-GMO Corn/

• Non-GMO Soy

• Organic/Wild-crafted (on supplements)

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