Danay’s Weight Loss Progress August 2011

By Laurel Sterling Prisco, MA, RD

Well, it has been a little over two months since Danay started working with me, and she has lost a total of 26 lbs. She has made huge strides and has been very successful with all of her lifestyle changes. She very rarely eats her traditional native dishes anymore, which consist mainly of white rice and plantains. If she feels she needs a snack, she honors her hunger and goes for something like strawberries and almonds. She is trying to focus on eating “live” foods….foods with life. She feels this helps her to choose foods that will not just fill her, but nourish her and give her energy as well.

This is the progress Danay has made in her own words:

“I’m happy to say that I keep making progress in my journey of getting healthier and losing weight, although the process has slowed down. I’m not losing as much as I was losing in the beginning. I got a little discouraged when I saw I was losing less weekly than I used to lose. When I met with Laurel, I explained to her my concern. After talking to her and hearing the facts, I became encouraged again. My nutrition habits are a lot different; now, I eat whole grain bread and enjoy it so much because it keeps me full and I know it is healthy. I used to eat (white) rice every day and I was not willing to give it up; now, it is not a priority and I eat it only once in a while.”

“I love my sessions with Laurel and shopping for healthy foods at Natur-Tyme. I don’t have to worry about being tempted by unhealthy foods, because they have good choices! I can walk confidently into the store without preoccupation! I believe the best part about this journey is that I  no longer miss my old habits and although I have had some slips, I get back on track and it is not as difficult as it used to be.”

“I’m so thankful for Laurel; she has been a huge support on my journey. I have to be honest that this last week I have had more than one slip and I have to say that it is important to keep the sources of good nutrition on hand. For example, I ran out of my protein bars and protein shake mix and didn’t have a chance to go buy it, so I chose unhealthy lunch options out of convenience. I got discouraged again, but now realize that this is needed to learn the lesson that my nutrition is a priority and I cannot let myself run out of healthy choices. Like Laurel told me, slips are not too bad if you learn from them. I’m looking forward to reaching a healthy life and to be in excellent shape. I’m not giving up!”

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