Danay’s Weight-Loss Progress September 2011

By Laurel Sterling Prisco, MA, RD

Danay has experienced a little rut in her goal to lose weight. This is completely normal. You may have been there before yourself. It’s very important not to beat yourself up when these moments occur, but to forgive yourself and try your best to get back on track.

Do not sabotage the progress you’ve made so far. Danay writes about the struggle to pull herself out of the rut. While she has not lost weight this month, her motivation to get back on track is most definitely inspiring.

This is the progress Danay has made in her own words:

This month has been full of struggles with my nutrition; I have slipped into my old habit of eating. I started to eat fatty food one day and after that, it seemed like I could not get back on track. I felt stuck and I started to procrastinate with healthy eating and it seemed like I did not care about my health. I felt really hopeless and I was afraid. The day to meet Laurel was coming closer and I was afraid to get on the scale, because I knew I had been eating really badly. The day before meeting with Laurel, I started to make excuses why I could not meet her, but my real motive to cancel my appointment was because I felt like a failure. Finally, I decided I could not run away from the person and the place where I have received so much support and I have been able to learn about healthy eating.

I went to meet Laurel and I was pretty sad. I’m so glad that I went because Laurel was encouraging and I felt like I was not alone in my journey to a healthier life. I’m happy to say that I came out of Laurel’s office fired up;  I regained hope. Laurel helped me to understand that my bad choices in the past days could be seen as a learning experience and that I can get back on the path to a healthy life.

Even though it has not been a great month, I only gained one pound because I kept my exercise routine going as well as my healthy breakfast of a protein shake. I think anyone that is fighting a battle needs support and I have received amazing support from Laurel and have found in Natur-Tyme, a place of comfort and trust. I have developed great confidence in the products that I buy and I feel secure when I go there. With all of my heart, I urge those who are fighting the same battle to not let your mistakes bring you down; use them to have a better day tomorrow and never, never run away from your main support. Be open and let the person who is supporting you help you! Do not be afraid to talk about your mistakes because when they are brought to light, they can become amazing learning experiences. 

About Natur-Tyme

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