Winter Skin Tips Continued


By Monique Moshaty, Licensed Esthetician

In our last blog entry, Gretchen introduced tips to help keep your skin healthy through the winter. Here are some additional tips to regain that moisture-rich, pre-winter, beautiful skin you miss!

1.) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Both face and body can benefit from good exfoliation on a regular basis. Seek out a fine granule scrub, like one containing jojoba beads. Avoid apricot PHs or walnut shells. We want to buff off the dead skin cells, not scratch or stress the skin. You can make your own body exfoliant by mixing equal parts almond oil and turbinado sugar. Just be sure to clean your tub soon after, you don’t want to slip the next time you get in.

2.) Add a hydrating serum to your facial skincare routine. Seek out one containing Hyaluronic Acid which can hold 10,000 times its weight in water, thereby trapping water moisture in the skin.

3.) You want to hydrate as soon as you step out of the shower, and be sure to pat dry, don’t rub. Moisturizing while still damp gives the moisturizer vehicle ability, simply meaning, it can be carried into the skin on water molecules being pulled in while the skin contracts as it dries.

4.) Lastly, don’t forget about the hands, lips, and feet. Lips need to stay hydrated during the winter. It’s so easy to continuously lick our lips to hydrate them, but we’re actually doing more harm. Seek out a lip balm with shea or clove to stimulate blood flow under the lip, retaining moisture. Hands show hydration the worst during cold months and just gloves and dry air can lead to splitting & cracking. Keep a spare pair of gloves handy so you aren’t in wet gloves for too long and always remember to hydrate with a thick hand cream before putting gloves on. We can’t forget about out feet; sure, they’re stowed away in winter boots, but hot and cold temperatures swings can have our tootsies all stressed out. Exfoliate in the shower with a pumice stone and deeply moisturize afterwards. For a deep penetration of moisture, apply a thick layer of moisturizer before bedtime, slip on some cozy socks, and then slide under the covers.

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