Ginkgo Study Flawed

Carol B. Blair, BS, CNC, DiHo


I have often suggested that we should be cautious when we hear about studies in this country because there are so many special interest groups, and unfortunately, most people are unable to get the full story. The recent Ginkgo study is a prime example. Ginkgo has been used for centuries to improve memory and brain function. There have been at least 44 double blind studies on Ginkgo with very few side effects. Until now!

It was recently reported that Ginkgo biloba has potential toxicity in animal studies. However, the doses used in this study were as much as 933 times higher than used for humans. A typical human dose is 120 mg. twice a day but the dose used in the mice would extrapolate to 4,400 mg. in a 155 lb. adult. And that was the low end of the scale! Apparently, they wanted to make sure it was toxic so they also used doses that would equate to 140,000 mg in humans! Let me just say right here, that everything has a toxicity level no matter how good it may be.

However, if that isn’t bad enough, the extracts provided by the Chinese manufacturers were standardized to 31% Ginkgo flavone glycosides compared to the 24% typically used in the United States. Further, the terpenes typically used here are 6% while the ones they used were standardized to 15% thereby making the potency much more powerful.

As you can see, this report by the U.S. National Toxicology Program is very flawed. Enough said. You may draw your own conclusions. As for me, I like to get my studies out of Europe whenever I can.

Oh, yes, although I don’t take Ginkgo, I certainly would if I felt the need for it, and I still highly recommend it for those who are looking for improved circulation and brain function.

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