A Course in Supplements: How to Know if a Supplement is High-Quality – Part I



By the Natur-Tyme Wellness Team

Natur-Tyme is excited to start a blog series on the importance of supplementation. There are so many supplements on the market; it is difficult to decipher supplements you need and which brands or forms of vitamins are best. We’re here to help!

We’ll embark on this series by discussing what constitutes a high-quality supplement. Not all supplements are created equal. The form of nutrient or part of the plant used, the process of extracting compounds from plants or oil from fish, and the fillers, binders, and other stabilizers used are just some of the factors that determine how well your body may utilize or tolerate your supplements.

So, the first question you want to ask is:


Where did the raw material(s) originate? If it’s an herb, is it organic or does the company test for pesticide and herbicide residues? Is the plant harvested when the active ingredients are at their peak? Is the material screened for dirt or other residue?

If it’s a fish oil product, what is the source of the oil? How were the fish raised: farmed or wild? Is testing or purification performed to make sure the oil is free of pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, heavy metals, and other pollutants?

If it’s a nutritional supplement, are the nutrients made or derived according to United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards? Are the nutrients in a form easily used by the body? For instance, it is easier for your body to use the calcium from calcium citrate than from calcium carbonate. Also, magnesium oxide, while great for constipation relief, is poorly broken down and absorbed across the intestines. We will discuss the most easily absorbed forms of a variety of nutrients in a later blog.

In our next supplement series blog, we will discuss the importance of the manufacturing process and the physical characteristics of the supplement.

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