Are Microwave Ovens Safe?

By: Carol B. Blair, BS, CNC. DiHom140263464

Most people think that microwave ovens are safe because they have become more emission-proof. However, that is not the only hazard of a microwave oven.

When we say, “let’s nuke it,” we have no idea what we are doing to that food. Research conducted at Stanford in 1992 showed that 90% of the disease-protecting nutrients in mother’s breast milk were destroyed when that food was warmed in a microwave.

Further, Russian and Swiss scientists have studied microwaved food for over two decades and discovered that the food cooked in a microwave created cancer-causing agents! They found increased pathogenic bacteria and that these pathogens turned on and off chemical pathways. It also created cellular damage; keep in mind that all disease begins at the cellular level.

The individuals who consumed the microwaved food also had lower white blood cells leaving one more susceptible to disease and decreased hemoglobin (carries the oxygen to the cells).

I gave up my microwave oven years ago and just use a small toaster oven to warm up leftovers. It takes a little more planning such as turning on the oven first and heating up the food while I am changing my clothes, getting out my vitamins, setting the table, etc. Of course, it is difficult if you forget to defrost the food first, but my health is worth it.

Please consider giving up your microwave as another step toward good health.

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One response to “Are Microwave Ovens Safe?

  1. AMEN! You forgot to mention that microwaves can be safely used to store your extra shoes 🙂

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