Alexis’s Journey into the World of Natural Health & Beauty–Entry #3

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

I was recently listening to an interview about lingerie and how most men feel we don’t need to have all pretty and matchy undergarments for them to consider us attractive or sexy. The woman being interviewed said, “Hey buddy, it’s not for you. It’s for me!” I know how she feels.

Having something special underneath is empowering—like our secret Wonder Woman suit!

However, what is left on the outside can be harder to dress. Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t need tons of products nor do you need to be all made up to be beautiful. I just happen to be a product-loving Glamour Diva! To feed my Diva for make-up, I took a trip to the Jane Iredale headquarters in Massachusetts to see how they find their inspiration. What I found there amazed me!

I was treated to an inside look at how Jane is distributed and sold. But, what I was largely anticipating was my Jane make-over with expert make-up artist Sabrina Fortier. I was led into a quaint, crisp room with all the cosmetics a girl could pine for! And on the wall, hung a poster detailing how to camouflage certain facial imperfections. This poster was a true testament to empowerment! The before and after of these women show how using a little something on the outside can bring about a state of mind on the inside that is better than any silky secret underneath!

I sat down (I arrived with NO make-up on mind you) and got ready for my transformation. Sabrina shared wonderful tips on how to utilize the different mineral products for maximum benefit no matter the type of coverage a client seeks. The result was sheer natural beauty! I was not all “made up” but lifted up. My eyes looked less puffy and dark. My skin glowed with warmth. My eyes sparkled! Best of all, the look lasted all day! It’s a long ride home from Massachusetts you know.

One of the most beneficial products I walked away with was the Magic Mitt facial cloth, an awesome make-up remover!!! This soft textured mitt removes all your make-up with only water! That’s right, H2O! To keep the Mitt clean, just wash with regular hand soap. Perfect for me as I often forget to wash my face at night!

So I encourage you to come in today and see what little secrets we can share with you to boost your confidence.

Products I’m falling for this week: D2O spray—amazing hydration that sets your cosmetics and is convenient to spray throughout the day. Eye Liner Jelly Jar—this creamy product goes on like a dream and stays put better than spanks! Black Ice Mascara—thickens and lengthens to give you fuller lashes that look realistic, not ridiculous. Magic Mitt facial cloth—great for teens too!


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