Garlic is Okay for your Pets

By Sam Derbyshire

Natur-Tyme Supplement & Pet Educator

Recently, I have had many customers ask me why I recommend PetGuard’s Yeast & Garlic Powder to help prevent fleas and itchy skin when they’ve heard that garlic is toxic to dogs and cats. The same question arose when Natur-Tyme’s Facebook page showed a picture of me with this product as one of my top-recommended products. One of our fans provided a link in her comment that stated that all plants of the Allium genus [Onions (Allium cepa), Garlic (Allium Sativum)] are dangerous for dogs and cats. This is not true. That would be the same as assuming that all of the Salvia (sage) genus are safe (some make you hallucinate) or that all basil has the same capability of helping balance blood-sugar as Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) does.

For good measure, I’ve double-checked myself and the sources of my information. I         re-read the books I frequently use as reference and a couple of them recommend fresh garlic dosed by weight.

I also called the owner of PetGuard directly and asked for her thoughts on this new concern. To paraphrase her response, she said, “We have sold the yeast and garlic products since 1979 without a single issue” and “Perhaps if you fed them a whole head of garlic, it would make them sick, but it would make you sick as well.”

I understand and agree with this statement because I know that even one fresh clove of garlic upsets my stomach, but I can pile on the powdered stuff without issue. Also, I have given yeast and garlic powder to my previous cats for years and they lived to be 20 and ½ years old and 17 years old. I currently use it with my 1-year old cat and 1-year old dog.


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