Natural Hiking and Camping Beauty Must-Haves

By Jessica-Anne Manson, Licensed Esthetician

In the recent weeks of amazing weather, it’s without a doubt that my boyfriend and I take advantage of our days off together. We go hit a hiking trail or take the weekend to head up into the Adirondacks to hike a mountain for a couple days. We also make sure that we pack some essentials, other than water and snacks, to make the trip more fun. Sometimes it is a small drawstring bag and other times it’s packed into a backpack for the longer trips.

When there is little to no water, we like to bring some face and body wipes. We carry natural, biodegradable wipes in order to keep ourselves clean while hiking. I prefer the Acure Fragrance-Free Argan Wipes, which are durable and clean the skin of dirt, oils, and sweat as we trek along. For those who have sensitive skin, Aubrey Organics also makes wipes for sensitive skin with calming ingredients like Sea Aster and Aloe.

Another item that really is good if you do have access to water, even if it’s a natural source, is Alaffia’s Liquid Black African Soap. This is similar to having a castile soap, but is biodegradable and won’t harm the eco-system. Preferably, I would recommend getting the unscented soap, but the Eucalyptus Tea Tree or Lavender Ylang Ylang scents would make for a good minor bug repelling bonus.

Next would be a DEET-Free Insect Repellant. DEET, also known as diethyltoluamide, has a bad rap for causing many health issues with consistent use. So far, an essential oil based insect repellant works very well against pests. My boyfriend and I both swear by Quantam’s Buzz Away, especially with the higher geranium oil used in order to deter ticks. Another reputable brand would be All-Terrain, which has been awarded “Best Gear” by National Geographic Adventure and has excellent feedback on its effectiveness.

Before we hit the sunscreens, did you know your lips can also be a susceptible to sunburns as well? When purchasing your sunscreen, it’s best that you get a lip balm with SPF in it as well. Good ones that we’ve tried and carry are jane iredale’s Lip Drink with SPF 15 and Badger’s SPF 15 Lip Balms, which both do a wonderful job.

The best part is sunscreen, which I saved for last. Along with keeping covered with a hat, sunglasses, and wearing clothes that cover skin, sunscreen is still very important. Lately, it’s been Mychelle Sun Shield Clear Spray with SPF 30. It has broad spectrum protection and helps cover the most forgotten, hard to reach places without too much of the chalky white appearance from the zinc oxide. It also protects you from both UVA and UVB Rays!

In the end, we come back with happy memories, lots of pictures (selfie sticks are very handy for trips like this), and we still have a lot left over for the next adventure.


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