Natural Deodorants Put to the Test

By Donnie Williams, Makeup Artist/ Receptionist

With the increasing trend of going natural, switching to cleaner, more pure home and personal care products seems to be a no brainer. With all of the hype nowadays it’s not uncommon for me to be asked about natural deodorants; in fact, it’s actually pretty common. After almost 8 years experience here at Natur-Tyme, I have run the gamut on natural deodorants and after doing so here are my top three picks.

During the winter and cooler times, I like Aubrey Organics E Plus High C Roll-On. The classic scent has a fresh and clean smell, which I enjoy. On cool days, this deodorant can get me through the day without my having to reapply halfway through the day, which is a major pet peeve for me. Last fall, the company released the same formula in two new scents, coconut sugar and lavender. I still have yet to try them, but I do know they both smell great and can only imagine they work just as well.

The second runner up is Schmidt’s Lavender Sage Deodorant. This deodorant scared me a little at first. It comes in a jar with a spatula and you apply it with your finger tips, a method that was foreign to me at the time. The baking soda base is very absorbent and I feel it keeps me drier than any of my other top three picks. This deodorant is second runner-up only because of the application method, which I know will deter some folks. This deodorant is a great pick for any time of the year and it even holds up in the hot, sweaty summer months. Schmidt’s is also available in a variety of scents and they have recently released a stick form, which I am very eager to try!

Lastly, my number one pick is Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed 24 Hour Deodorant. This is the winner for me hands down! I love the variety of scents available for this deodorant and it actually has the ability to work for 24 hours! With this deodorant, I don’t have to worry about pesky mid-day reapplication and most days I can go longer than the 24-hour mark. The formula doesn’t stain my clothes and holds up beautifully in the dead heat of summer. I will reach for this deodorant first, every time!

To conclude, I must note that I believe natural deodorants vary somewhat from person to person, as they work with our body’s natural chemistry. You may find that one works better for you than another, that’s awesome! These are just the findings of my own personal trial and error as well as the helpful feedback and purchasing habits of the many customers I speak with day to day here at Natur-Tyme. I hope you find my discoveries helpful!

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