Mind & Body Health Begins with Good Digestion

Good digestion is a crucial factor that influences our health. Together with oxygen and water, food provides the basic materials needed to build and maintain our mind and body. The digestive system is like the body’s engine, turning food into the fuel we need by utilizing the nutrients found in foods, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and plant compounds—which are all needed to nourish us and sustain our health.

The entire digestive process is part of the nervous system and is directly networked to our brain. The phrase “trust your gut” illustrates this brain-gut connection. The digestive system and brain exchange signals that trigger digestion, from start to finish. Bitter tastes in particular, help jump-start this process.

Early humans living largely on plant-based diets, consumed bitters as a matter of course. Evolving alongside bitter plants, our bodies naturally came to recognize their therapeutic mechanisms. However, with modern food options skewed heavily toward sweet and salty flavors, bitter foods are largely missing from our diets and our digestive health has suffered as a result.

To make up for the deficiency of bitter flavors in most modern diets, many practitioners recommend the use of a bitter herbal supplement. That’s where bitters liquid herbal extracts can aid your digestive system and improve its function. Digestive bitters go to work the moment they hit your tongue, signaling the brain and digestive system to produce gastric fluids and enzymes. It’s like giving your body a pre-digestive “heads up”.

Herb Pharm is a company made up of herbalists, scientists, and other individuals nestled in the fertile growing region of GMO-free Josephine County, OR. They’ve been growing and extracting herbs with precision, care, and respect for the natural world since 1979. Better Bitters™ from Herb Pharm harness the inherent power of bitter herbs and deliver them to your digestive system in a convenient, effective manner. Formulated from herbal traditions and expertly extracted to retain natural plant chemistries and potencies. This extract is certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and comes in 4 flavors—Classic, Orange, Bittersweet, and Absinthium. Better Bitters™ may be effectively used in tandem with probiotic supplements and are available in a 1 oz travel-size or a 2 oz home-use size.

Better Bitters™ from Herb Pharm is an easy and effective way to put the bitter back into your diet. Engaging your digestive system with foods possessing a bitter quality or utilizing a bitter supplement can be beneficial to your health and help keep your digestive system on track. So while you trust your gut, your gut can trust us—treat yourself to better health with Herb Pharm!

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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