Do You Have Sensitive Teeth or Dry Mouth?

Submitted By Zellie’s

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem that many people suffer with. Why are teeth sensitive? It happens when there is an imbalance between tooth enamel repair and breakdown. When enamel on the outside of teeth is strong and healthy it protects teeth like a helmet. Every time we eat and/or drink, minerals dissolve from our enamel layer, leaving enamel softer, more porous, and less able to defend the inner tooth.

Healthy saliva contains essential minerals that can replace mineral loss from enamel, but this process can only occur in an alkaline mouth. Under correct conditions, salivary minerals are able to enter into our teeth and fill in any holes in the outer enamel. This process is called mineralization and over time mineralization can strengthen teeth, help reverse cavities, and make teeth less sensitive.

Unfortunately, there is no manufactured product as effective for mineralizing teeth as healthy mouth saliva. This is why it’s important to give your teeth time to interact with your mouth’s natural saliva. Teeth need an opportunity to have direct contact with the salivary liquids that flow around our mouths. Allowing saliva to interact with the surface of your teeth for a couple of hours everyday, when you are not eating and drinking, can have a very beneficial effect on the health your teeth. Drinking anything, even a sip of water, will dilute saliva and reduce its benefits. The quality of saliva also varies during the day and in a specific circadian rhythm. The ideal time for salivary mineralization is during the afternoon, especially after a nutritious and mineral-rich lunch.

Xylitol is a delicious and healthy pentose sugar that helps create the ideal conditions for salivary tooth mineralization, especially for people who experience dry mouth. Zellie’s mints and gum are made with 100% pure xylitol and offer a convenient way to get the xylitol you need to help protect the health of your teeth! Xylitol mints and gum should be used after eating and/or drinking—to limit the loss of minerals and stimulate an alkaline salivary flow that can facilitate tooth mineralization and help them become stronger and healthier everyday!


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