Discover Your Zest for Life!

naturesplusNature’s Plus has been changing people’s lives for more than forty-five years. They do this by adding energy, longevity, and clarity through the natural formulas they make for their products. The result? An exuberant feeling of peak nutritional well-being. What comes with that? A newfound zest for life. The ability to discover things ordinarily hidden. To push oneself further than the day before. To challenge undefeated obstacles. Little things like that. Simply put, it’s about life with added passion and purpose. You see, to Nature’s Plus, life is a series of moments that bring opportunities.

Since 1972, Nature’s Plus has been more than just the natural product industry leader. Their overwhelming commitment to support customers, retailers, and the natural product industry as a whole—through education, training, and political advocacy—make them thought leaders as well. In fact, their unwavering commitment to science and research, along with their ability to deliver uncompromised results through superior-quality products, make Nature’s Plus a brand that’s a real “plus” for millions of people.

This doesn’t happen by accident. To produce the best, naturally therapeutic, most effective products available, one needs to innovate and invent revolutionary formulas and new categories that enhance people’s lives. And this is exactly what Nature’s Plus does—in spades! They introduced the first anti-aging supplement line, the first complete children’s whole food line, the first extended-release herbs, and the first mega-potency, whole-food-based multivitamin line, among many other life-enhancing products.

The production standards for this brand are more demanding than any of their competitors. But, that’s what leaders like Nature’s Plus do. Nature’s Plus facilities operate with such a strict self-imposed set of guidelines, they surpass US law and the requirements the natural product industry requires. Going even further, Nature’s Plus is the only manufacturer in the supplement industry that voluntarily invites third-party testing to verify the quality, potency, and purity for every product they create.

Nature’s Plus is committed to producing results in people and they make sure each product line delivers what it promises. Their dedication to offering products that maximize and support the health and well-being for those who want to discover more about life pushes them to go further than they went the day before. This way, the company’s mission is in step with the entire journey, aligning with the goals, aspirations, and dreams of their customers. Now, that’s the formula: “To discover life.”

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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