Three Tips to Survive the Holidays

By Jen Morganti, ND, NEEDS Education Director

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends and create lovely memories, but do you ever feel like it’s all too much? Sometimes an excessively packed schedule and juggling family events can just cause too much stress! Then there are the challenges of resisting abundant unhealthy food choices, lacking time to exercise, and maybe not getting enough sleep. All these factors pile up and can throw off your mood, energy, and weight. There are a few simple tips you can try to minimize the unwanted side effects of the holiday season to help make it the fun and enjoyable season that it was meant to be.

TIP 1 Maintain your Outstanding Self-Discipline

Let’s face it, even the most disciplined person will feel challenged by the delicious treats that are kindly left on every table you pass during the holidays. Beautifully decorated holiday cookies, sweet and creamy eggnog, or rich and cheesy dips with crisp crackers tempt us as we go through the day. There’s a good trick to help dampen these temptations: if you don’t let yourself get hungry, you are less likely to indulge. So keep a stash of fresh veggies on hand and use them to prevent hunger. Filling up with low-calorie, high- fiber, healthy snacks will at least cut back the amount of treats you want to reach for. If you’re going to a holiday party, you can also take a natural appetite suppressant such as Hoodia to prevent overindulging.

Also, make sure you keep enzymes on hand wherever you go, to help deal with digesting large quantities of foods or foods you might be sensitive to.  Use a high-quality general enzyme formula, and  if you have a sensitivity to gluten, you might benefit from an enzyme formula that contains the Glutalytic enzyme to help break it down more effectively.

TIP 2 Maximize your Opportunities for Rest

Staying out too late, drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, or staying up wrapping gifts all night can interrupt your much needed sleep, leaving you groggy, fatigued, and possibly grouchy. Do your best to get eight hours every night, and if not, at least try to squeeze in a quick cat nap—they really do help! But if you have trouble sleeping and find yourself tossing and turning all night, herbs like valerian or hops will provide a relaxing sedative effect. If anxiety and excessive thoughts keep you awake, try anxiolytic herbs and nutrients such as holy basil, kava, GABA, and               L-theanine to calm your mind and prepare for rest. These are also great for daytime use because they do not have sedative properties.

TIP 3 Take Time for YOU 

If you find that you have too many social activities planned to the point of exhaustion, be sure to balance it with a little alone time too. Go for a walk, or sit and meditate to rebalance, or just take some time to appreciate all the blessings in your life. After all, isn’t that what the season is really all about?   

It’s Time for Fall and Winter Pampering

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers
Enhanced Beauty Salon Manager

Fall winds are in the air! I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. The world smells clean and fresh. I can sense the gentle change of warm to cool and the crisp promise of sweaters and warm apple cider!

These scents are so calming and pleasant to me. I like the smell of cinnamon in my home. It brings about a feeling of holiday, of bringing the family together to celebrate! We can also use scents to remind us of other important times in our lives. Who doesn’t love the smell of a new baby?

Fall is also the time of year when I start to indulge in long soaks in a warm bath. It relaxes my muscles, restores the dryness that fall and winter can bring, and feels so pampering after a long, hard day.

My favorites include our new line from One with Nature (beautifully-crafted soaps and salts that sooth the senses and soften the skin)! Add a few drops of argan oil or almond oil to your bath and really boost the moisture. Finish with a great coconut oil blend or great body lotions from Hydrame, John Masters, or Natur-Tyme.

So pull out those candles, dust off that bath pillow, and get soaked!

Products I’m Falling for this Week:

One with Nature products come in several scents as well as fragrance-free. Pick your pleasure and enjoy! Hydrame is an amazing lotion for all skin types. It heals and protects with coconut and 10 other essential oils for maximum skin soothing. NOW Coconut Oil is perfect for those who want a simple solution to moisturizing! And MyChelle Argan Oil is an amazing product for all-over moisture from head-to-toe, even your hair!


Symptoms of Lyme Disease

By Andrew Greeley, Supplement Educator

TickWarningLyme disease is rampant right now in New England. Limes are green and delicious, but that is not where this dreadful bacterium derived its name. In the 1970s, investigators were discovering growing diagnoses of children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis living in wooded areas. These strange occurrences were discovered in a town called Lyme which is located in New London County, Connecticut.

Symptoms can occur quickly or they can occur over the course of months. The first sign of a tick bite is typically a rash that develops a bulls-eye pattern. Flu-like symptoms may follow, along with joint pain and eventually neurological problems such as meningitis. Be extra aware if you live in a wooded area or enjoy hiking. Wearing higher socks and longer sleeve shirts can help protect your skin from ticks. Natur-Tyme carries an essential oil bug repellant appropriately named “Buzz Off” that can reduce the instance of ticks and other pests from encroaching on your personal territory. Geranium oil is also an effective tick repellant. If ever you are bit by a tick, it is important to not smother the poor thing as this can cause it to release fluids into the wound causing a greater chance of illness. If you suspect you have ever been bitten by a tick, it is important to get a blood test. You can then begin antibiotic treatment and pick up a Lyme Disease Protocol at the Natur-Tyme Vitamin desk and begin a regimen of supplements to increase your immune system.

Stop in and talk to our Supplement Educators and Enhanced Beauty department for more information. Time is ticking.

Healthful Summer Crafts

By Sam Derbyshire, Supplement Educator

herbsNearly 20 years ago, I found Natur-Tyme in my hunt for some obscure dried herbs. I had been learning to make my own soaps, salves, lotions, etc. and I was told about this little store that sold herbs by the ounce. I was in awe of the wall of jars that they had full of an amazing variety of herbs. As it turned out, the echinacea, ginseng, and comfrey I was looking for are rather common herbs.

Since then, I have tried recipes from many books. One of the few books I consider a ‘must have’ is Dina Falconi’s Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair (available at Natur-Tyme for $17.95). It has a multitude of recipes for many purposes. This book has recipes for everything from deodorant and sunscreen to sunburn care and cooling body splash. Here is the recipe for the body splash.

This is “an invigorating, cleansing and hydrating body splash for all skin types” from page 80 in the book Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair:

Spearmint Blend Body Splash

Combine equal parts dried spearmint leaf, dried nettle, and dried fennel seeds. Crush in a mortar and pestle (or food processor if mortar and pestle is not available). Boil 16 oz. of water and make an infusion with the crushed herbs. Steep for four hours and then strain. You can use more spearmint if you want a stronger mint smell. Pour strained infusion into a measuring cup and add an equal amount of 80 proof vodka. Stir together and pour into a container and splash as desired.

You can forgo the vodka and just use water if you wish, but it is an excellent preservative and helps it to dry quicker on your skin. If you do skip the vodka, this mixture will not keep for more then a week.

This same type of product can be made with ½ teaspoon of essential oil of Spearmint and ½ teaspoon of essential oil of fennel instead of the herbs in the above recipe. Note that the essential oils make this recipe quite potent.

Alexis’s Journey into the World of Natural Health & Beauty–Introductory Blog

By Alexis Capers — Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

031214_ProductsHello all! This is the first time in my life I have kept an electronic account of my days and the fluff that fills it! I say fluff because I always live to enjoy the day as much as possible. So if it’s a cloudy day (which it often can be in Syracuse), it’s really fluffy! But weather aside, I am excited to share my days and journey with you, flashbacks and hot flashes included! So join me in my path to a new beginning of wellness, work, and wonderment!

I am three weeks in my new position at Natur-Tyme and loving it! For many years, I traveled for a manufacturer doing education and sales. While I loved my job, it took me away from my family (3-year old, 10-year old, and 17-year old) so it was a balancing act to say the least! In July of 2012, I was diagnosed with stage-2A breast cancer.

My perspective on life, family, and work all changed. I realized my worth and the quality-of-life I was providing myself fell short due to taking care of others first—typical career mom.

So I changed gears, left my full time job, and on a leap of faith went back to school to pursue a career in Esthetics. Now while I love to perform services and make people look and feel better, I really love managing a team. As luck would have it (or maybe Karma?), I was approached on my graduation day by our placement teacher with this question “How do you feel about natural products?” Interesting question, I thought. How do I feel about them? I have learned now through my cancer journey how important it is to watch what I put in my body. But what about the things I put on my body? Now I will be the first to admit, I’m a product junkie! So this concept is new to me. However, I have an open mind and a thirst for knowledge, so I decided to dive in! And I am loving every minute of it. So join me each week as I discuss more of my journey and share the fabulous natural products I pick up along the way! Creating a healthier me and you too!

Products I am falling for this week: Natur-Tyme Signature Skin care! All these effective products are featured this month for a fantastic value. Priced just right to try and love yourself! My picks: Glycolic Night Crème, Facial Scrub with MSM, Firming Eye Crème, and Peptide C Serum! LOVE! ~Alexis

Spring into Luminous Skin!

By Monique Moshaty, Licensed Esthetician


Old-man winter is hopefully behind us here in Central NY. Soon, the grass will be greener; the birds will sing; and it’s time to show off that springtime glow in your skin again.

Throughout the winter, our skin undergoes a myriad of changes. Due to barometric pressure repeatedly expanding and contracting the skin and cold air sapping the skin of vital water moisture, our skin can become dry and tight and even flaky. Even for the oiliest of skin, loss of water in the skin (transepidermal water loss) can wreak havoc on skin.

A professional facial service is a good jumpstart to healthy skin this time of year, as we transition from winter to spring. A professional consultation from an experienced esthetician can help you pinpoint key areas that may have been disrupted with the changing weather. Under bright light and 15x magnification, the estheticians at Natur-tyme’s Enhanced Beauty Salon can see further than the naked eye: dryness, extensive sun damage, broken capillaries, and so on. These types of issues can be treated in the facial room with key products.

Three great products to treat dry, dehydrated skin are:

  • Rosehip seed oil—This oil gradually releases nutrients and moisture into the skin and quickly repairs dry, damaged skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid—This acid can hold up to 10,000 times its weight in water. Thus, plumping the skin from inside out will help prevent TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss.)
  • Cream-based facial washes—Look for a wash containing a rich cream base of pumpkin, cucumber, or chamomile. Also check for included ingredients that soothe and heal like allantoun (from comfrey root–a natural healing plant), violet extract, or licorice root. Move cleanser around with fingers, washcloth, or facial brush. Remember light exfoliation is the key to removing dead skin cells to reveal new and radiant skin.

Face the coming season with youthful, glowing skin by following the advice of your esthetician and applying these tips for homecare.

With Spring’s Renewal, Comes Our Renewal


By Laurel Sterling MA, RD

What better time to renew ourselves than with the arrival of spring! Birds are building nests for their eggs, flower buds are peeking out of the ground, and trees are beginning to bloom. What a great time to reflect on our lives, and evaluate if there are any changes we would like to make. Is there anything our heart desires that we have been neglecting or holding back on? Something we have always wanted to do or try and never did? Why continue the wait? What better time than now? This is a perfect time to start something new and fresh!

I, for instance, am so looking forward to venturing into the world of juicing, sprouting, and fermenting. I also can’t wait to get out into the soil, for my daughter and me to get our hands dirty and plant our very first garden! These are things I have wondered about and wanted to do for quite some time, but never took the time to learn about and then try. They are so simple that I can’t believe I have waited this long to try them out! The workshops I have been doing here at the store along with the movies we have been airing have inspired me so much that I just had to get out and do them—FINALLY!!! I may even get a few chickens so I can have my own eggs!! Those who know me well know how much I LOVE my morning omelets.

I grew up in the country on a farm with an ENORMOUS garden! Days in the summer were spent planting, watering, weeding (Yuck–I dreaded weeding the MOST!), and then harvesting—YUM! Picking the fresh carrots and scallions right out of the ground and eating them up were one of my favorite pastimes. Shucking the peas from their shell was a chore no one had to tell me to do. I think more peas went into me than in the bowl for freezing! And the fresh sweet corn…ahhhhh. I would husk it and get all the silk off, put it in a cold water bath, and then my mom would begin to slice the sections of corn off the cob. More definitely went into my belly than into the canning jars, just like the peas! I can’t wait to start my garden! I bought organic heirloom seeds, and I am learning what you need to plant next to each other for better natural insect repellants, as well as how to utilize items like Neem. The pulp that is left over from my juicer can be used to make other food items or can be used on the garden as fertilizer. The natural circle of life! Amazing!! Using the byproduct of one thing to nourish another. I love it! These are all things I want my daughter to grow up with as well, and what better time to start than NOW?

So come in and check out what Natur-Tyme has available for you to get started on your journey of renewal. It may not be a journey into juicing, sprouting, fermenting, and gardening as mine is, and that is perfectly fine. Spend some time soul-searching and find what it is you need. If you are looking to change your skin care products, or change your hair, or start a healthier diet, we have information, education, and products here to help you get started with your transformation! If you are interested in sprouting and fermenting, Deborah Sorrentino (Natur-Tyme’s Tyme-Out Café Manager) and I will be doing a workshop on Sprouting and Fermenting on May 21st in our Community Room. And if you are interested in gardening, don’t miss out on our next two in-store movies: FRESH on Tuesday, April 16th and DIRT on Thursday, May 16th ; both airing in our Community Room.

Protect the Environment with your Health & Beauty Choices

By Yu-Lee Izyk, Licensed Cosmetologist

ShampooingImagine every time you shampoo your hair or wash your face, there are organic, non-chemical ingredients going down the drain!

Envision all your personal care products with a list of ingredients you can actually pronounce and understand!

Incorporate these new products in your daily routine to continually improve our natural environment while improving your beautiful appearance!

Natur-Tyme is imagining, envisioning, and now incorporating…. just that! Our “natural beauty team” is a group of individuals who not only live this lifestyle, but also are passionate enough to make it their mission to help you understand the importance of cleaner, greener choices.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, you can be exposing yourself to carcinogens and earth-contaminating ingredients. We have the options available to help you choose to change that interaction.

Instead of washing your hair with sodium laurel sulfate, try plant-based alternatives that contain proteins to strengthen the hair shaft.

Instead of moisturizing your skin with parabens, try food-grade oils to soothe and soften even the driest of skin. Instead of coloring your hair with propylene glycol, try herbal-based products to give a rich natural color that lasts.

All these changes to your daily health and beauty products are not only effective, but better for your health! The choices you make today can truly make an impact for a better, more beautiful tomorrow. What better way to achieve a natural look than using natural products!

Hope to see you this summer in our new Enhanced Beauty Salon!

Honey—One of Nature’s Miracles

By Carol Blair, BS, DiHom, CNC

Did you know that in 2007 the FDA approved Manuka honey as a treatment in wound and burn care in the US?!

In fact, during the early 1900s, honey was used to fight infections of all kinds.  Further, honey that is grown in your area is often helpful for allergies when consumed in small doses.

I grew up eating honey and I’ve discovered that honey is not as addictive as sugar.  So, if you are addicted to dessert, try some honey candies to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Natur-Tyme has some great flavors!

Manuka honey is collected from bees who feed on the Manuka bush that is native to New Zealand (the same bush that is used to produce tea tree oil, another amazing product that we will talk about another time)!  This particular honey contains a special ingredient called Unique Manuka Factor which is considered to be more antimicrobial than some other varieties of honey.

However, I believe all honey has healing powers.  A study was performed with 105 children ages 2-18 with buckwheat honey and published in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The children were either given honey, honey-flavored syrup, or nothing. The parents kept track of the effects but they didn’t know what their children had received.  They discovered that the children who received the honey slept better and coughed less than when they took the syrup or nothing at all.  It should be noted that children under the age of one should not be given honey. Like all raw food, honey contains spores and an infant’s immune system may not be able handle them.

Other unpublished studies have shown that honey is useful on burns and has been shown to inhibit several strains of drug resistant bacteria associated with burns.  Honey may also be applied to bed sores–cover with gauze and change daily.  Also consider honey for diabetic leg ulcers, puncture wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

It is summer and the bees are working hard.  Take advantage of one of nature’s miracles–honey!

How to Abolish Spider Veins

By Carol Blair, BS, DiHom, CNC

With bathing suit and shorts season upon us, those pesky (but usually harmless) spider veins on the legs are very annoying.  Is there anything you can do?

Topically applied Vitamin K cream does help to reduce their appearance; but unfortunately as soon as you stop applying the cream, they return.  Nonetheless, for those of us who are vain, and I admit to being one of them, it is helpful for keeping your legs prettier during the summer. However, there are a few other things that might help on a long-term basis.

Grapeseed extract and other flavonoids such as Quercetin and Hesperidin can help to strengthen blood vessels and neutralize free radicals, thereby reducing the chronic inflammation which causes spider veins.

There is also a little known homeopathic remedy called Kali Mur in the 6X strength that can actually help diminish spider veins on the legs and those on the cheeks as well–which can include acne rosacea.

Kali Mur has other uses too.  It is often helpful for reducing edema of the legs and feet–another unsightly issue and sometimes it even helps arthritis.

A white tongue, canker sores, or poor fat digestion are often characteristic symptoms of people who need this remedy.

Summer is still here so it’s not too late to get started!


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