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Last week, we published a blog about great sunscreens that are safe and effective as well as supplements that can further help protect you from the sun from the inside and out. This week, we highlight foods that can help bolster your resistance to damaging UV-light. These foods contain antioxidants that help stabilize skin cells, preventing and repairing damage.

  1. Chocolate: Women who drank a hot cocoa high in “flavanol” antioxidants daily for three months had 25% less reddening after UV irradiation and more moist, less scaly skin than women drinking low-flavanol cocoa, says new German research. Another source of flavanol is dark chocolate.
  2. Watermelon andTomatoesGerman research also finds that lycopene (the antioxidant in watermelon and tomatoes) reduces sensitivity to sunburn. Take note that tomato sauce has more lycopene than raw tomatoes.
  3. Pomegranate: At the University of Wisconsin, antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract inhibited changes in human cells exposed to UV light.
  4. Fatty Fish: EPA, which is an omega-3 fatty acid in fish, reduced signs of UV damage in skin cells, says a recent Korean study. In a British test, taking 4,000 mg of omega-3 a day (the amount in about 12 ounces of salmon) for three months cut sunburn damage 30%. If you can not stomach fish every day, fish oil is a great option and most of the high-quality varieties carried at Natur-Tyme disguise the fish taste with flavors like lemon, orange, or strawberry.
  5. Green Tea: Several studies show drinking green tea helps prevent sunburn and pre-cancerous changes. In a small study, drinking about two cups of green tea reduced UV skin damage.


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