Family Time Unplugged

By Alexis CapersCapers-Alexis_AFTER

People do not speak to one another anymore. Our heads are down, focused on our technology. I really took note of this one night when I was out to dinner with my family.  My daughter had her ipad, the baby had my iphone, and my husband was playing a game on his Android phone. Since I had no one to talk to, I decided to look around the restaurant and people watch.

Much to my dismay, everyone had their heads down! Not a single person at that moment was talking to or even looking at one another! Astounding! I could not believe my eyes.  Is this where technology has taken us? Are we so tethered to our devices that we cannot take the quality time to enjoy one another?

When I am in a great mood and smiling and talking to people, I see how it affects their mood. Facial expressions change, mannerisms improve. Communication is infectious and keeps us human. I really wish our younger generation was not raised on I this and I that.

I decided right then and there that we all had to put down the tech! Unplug from the devices and plug into our family! We had one of the best dinners we had in a long time!  It was so worth making the stand to tune out our phones and tune in to one another.

At home, we un-plugged too! No TV anymore at dinner. Now we play music softly or nothing at all as we sit together and eat. I know this is near impossibly for most to do with our busy schedules (even my family doesn’t do it all the time).  But taking a moment to reconnect to one another is so important. Let’s raise our heads from our smartphones and raise each other up to a better day!

What I’m falling for this week:

Talking, no electronics, family!  Enjoy each other!

Alexis’ Health & Beauty Journey #8: On Ideology and My New Mission

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

My oldest son wrote his final English paper before high school graduation on ideology. He asked me to proofread it for him. I found this to be my motherly duty so I obliged. What I found out was, not only is my son a fantastic writer, but also, it got me thinking. In my journey through life as an adult, one thing I have struggled with internally is self-confidence. No matter how much praise I received, my personal doubt cloud would pop up and cast a shadow on that praise. I have grown to be a much better force in fostering my personal confidence (sometimes a good girdle helps!), but it extends beyond what we build for ourselves.

With ideology, we all have a personal “idea” of how we and others should behave, appear and respond to one another throughout life. If we look at leaders of our past, we can learn from their methods of ideology, good or bad. I have taken this view to create a mission for myself. I may not be a public figure like the late Dr. Maya Angelou, however I too can make a difference (even small) that will carry on long after I depart this earth.

My new mission has been to take that positive energy I continue to feed and grow inside me, and share shoots of it with those around me.

Like that great hanging plant blooming in your home, a small sprig of fellowship will root itself in those around you. When you give another the gift of vision to see the greatness in them, you too will grow!

I have found this to be true not only in my role as a manager, but also to those I encounter on a day-to-day basis who share the burden of cancer treatment, motherhood, rough childhoods, abuse, failed marriages, the list goes on and on. These “clouds” tend to linger and don’t want to clear away. We have to inhale a large breath and blow with all our might! The energy dispelled is greater some times than others, but the clouds will part.

My biggest saying is, “have faith that if you put your foot out to take a step, the ground will come up to meet you”, meaning, even if you don’t see how you can make that first step, don’t let the fear of falling stop you from moving. The ground WILL be there. And if for some reason you falter, know that there are those around you who will help pick you up and brush you off. Find the “life horticulturists” in your circle and give them your time. Let go of the emotional vampires. They will only suck the life from you!

I feel we would have a much better world if our ideology was less judgmental and biased. Plants provide oxygen to keep our air healthy. Grow the seeds of confidence and you will have plenty of oxygen to gather all the breath you need!

What I’m falling for this week:


Closets for Charity:  This wonderful program started by our own Wendy Meyerson has provided beautiful outfits at great prices for those seeking to enhance their style quotient. The proceeds go to amazing local charities so it is a win/win for all! Sow the seeds of human kindness and watch it grow. Learn to live, love, and let it go!

Until next time my beauties…

Alexis’s Journey into the World of Natural Health & Beauty–Entry #4

By Alexis Capers
 – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

Do you ever feel like a juggler in a circus? Or how about looking back at your day and asking, “How did I get through all that?” It’s difficult sometimes to balance life, home, work, kids, and chaos and still FEEL like you have it all under control. One thing I like to do is small, but gives me a boost every time. When I want to feel good, I give myself a manicure!

Silly as it sounds, a little bottle of color can bring about a big change.  It gives you permission to evoke an attitude!  When it’s dreary out, I reach for a bright hue.  When I’m feeling plain Jane, a sparkly French fits the bill.  And of course glitter polish is a quick nail art any skill level can perform. I even post pics of my nails on FB so my friends can weigh in on the look.

Now I know what you’re saying, “Alexis, you’re a nail tech, of course it’s easy for you to play with nails!” I promise it’s just like make-up. If you don’t like it, take it off and start again. Try something out of the box. Don’t listen to those old wives tails of red being TOO BOLD or that TOES MUST MATCH FINGERS.  Heck, toes are where you can really go wild! Wear bright blue or yellow!  Make them into a colorful French!  Both are this season’s top shades.  You can also never go wrong with a punchy coral.

AlexisNailsOf course you want to keep your cuticles in shape and hands can tell a woman’s true age.  So keep your hands and cuticles conditioned with a rich moisturizing lotion or essential oils.  If you wear nail enhancements, pick a product without lanolin, petroleum, or minerals. These are additives that will only coat the skin, with no beneficial properties.  It will also cause your enhancements to lift.  Proper hydrators will fortify your skin and keep cutiles healthy so nails can grow long and strong!

Steps to a brighter you!

  1. Remove any polish or nail treatments.
  2. Gently shape the free-edge of your nails filing from left to right only.  Never back and forth.
  3. Wash hands with a sugar scrub product to remove dead skin. Pat dry thoroughly.
  4. Massage hands with a nice oil or rich lotion.  Wrap with saran wrap and put on gloves or wrap again in a towel to hold in heat.
  5. Let moisturizer sit on hands for 5-10 minutes. Or as long as your favorite show!
  6. Remove wrappings and gently push back cuticles. NEVER trim off cuticles, only hang nails.  (My rule is, if it’s waving at me, I can cut it!!!)
  7. Use polish remover or rubbing alcohol to cleanse nail plate so polish will adhere.
  8. Always use one coat of base coat, two coats of color, and finish with a top coat to seal in the shine!
  9. Refresh as needed throughout the week with another coat of Top Coat.
  10. In a week to ten days, do it again!

So when you feel the weight of all that juggling and want to just be someone else, grab a bottle of affordable luxury and escape into a new you!  I know I’m feeling better already!

Products I’m falling for this week:  SpaRitual lacquers, rich vegan formula with high shine and many colors to choose from.  Argan or Advocado oil, rich and moisturizing with the nourishment needed to keep hands soft.  For a less greasy feel, I also love the Natur-Tyme Hydrating Lotion with co-enzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Jason Tea Tree cuticle oil is fantastic for pumping life back into dry winter-ravaged cuticles.  And Hydra-me Tipz repair balm or Baby Balm by Essential 8 will handle deeper skin cracks in hands and feet.  My fave scrub is the Ginger-Lemongrass Sugar Scrub by Les Savon de LouLou. Heaven at your fingertips!Blog042314-Products

Alexis’s Journey into the World of Natural Health & Beauty–Entry #3

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

I was recently listening to an interview about lingerie and how most men feel we don’t need to have all pretty and matchy undergarments for them to consider us attractive or sexy. The woman being interviewed said, “Hey buddy, it’s not for you. It’s for me!” I know how she feels.

Having something special underneath is empowering—like our secret Wonder Woman suit!

However, what is left on the outside can be harder to dress. Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t need tons of products nor do you need to be all made up to be beautiful. I just happen to be a product-loving Glamour Diva! To feed my Diva for make-up, I took a trip to the Jane Iredale headquarters in Massachusetts to see how they find their inspiration. What I found there amazed me!

I was treated to an inside look at how Jane is distributed and sold. But, what I was largely anticipating was my Jane make-over with expert make-up artist Sabrina Fortier. I was led into a quaint, crisp room with all the cosmetics a girl could pine for! And on the wall, hung a poster detailing how to camouflage certain facial imperfections. This poster was a true testament to empowerment! The before and after of these women show how using a little something on the outside can bring about a state of mind on the inside that is better than any silky secret underneath!

I sat down (I arrived with NO make-up on mind you) and got ready for my transformation. Sabrina shared wonderful tips on how to utilize the different mineral products for maximum benefit no matter the type of coverage a client seeks. The result was sheer natural beauty! I was not all “made up” but lifted up. My eyes looked less puffy and dark. My skin glowed with warmth. My eyes sparkled! Best of all, the look lasted all day! It’s a long ride home from Massachusetts you know.

One of the most beneficial products I walked away with was the Magic Mitt facial cloth, an awesome make-up remover!!! This soft textured mitt removes all your make-up with only water! That’s right, H2O! To keep the Mitt clean, just wash with regular hand soap. Perfect for me as I often forget to wash my face at night!

So I encourage you to come in today and see what little secrets we can share with you to boost your confidence.

Products I’m falling for this week: D2O spray—amazing hydration that sets your cosmetics and is convenient to spray throughout the day. Eye Liner Jelly Jar—this creamy product goes on like a dream and stays put better than spanks! Black Ice Mascara—thickens and lengthens to give you fuller lashes that look realistic, not ridiculous. Magic Mitt facial cloth—great for teens too!


Alexis’s Journey into the World of Natural Health & Beauty–Entry #2

By Alexis Capers — Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

I think I see it; it’s on the horizon! Spring!!! Everywhere we see the snow melting away and soon the flowers will start poking out.  When this season hits, I get in the mood for change—a rebirth of myself, my spirit, my everything! Forget diets in January as a New Year’s Resolution; spring is where it’s at! Like most people, I get stuck in a rut from time to time. As a woman, we are constantly rebuilding ourselves. After puberty, once we have given birth to children, even an illness can put us in a place where we must find ourselves again. I have had close personal brushes with all of these, forever calling on the strength deep inside me to get back to normal (whatever that is!). So I realized that first you must make a mess to transform to something beautiful.

I decided to start with my hair. We get attached to our style and moreover, our stylist. And for me, seeing is believing.

This concept of Organic Color, the color that we use at the Enhanced Beauty Salon, sounded great to me.  But, I really did not think it would look as good as what I have had done in the past at a traditional salon.  Well to my pleasant surprise–it looks amazing!  Emily performed highlights and low lights to blend my natural growth (which is Medium Brown) with my highly bleached-out blonde. My color is beautifully blended and natural. It feels soft and best of all; the color is not harmful to me like those I am used to exposing myself to. A great cut rounded out my service.  I have bloomed and am ready for the season!


Since my transformation, I have had many compliments.  I tell everyone “It’s Organic Color!” I am a believer and I invite you to become a believer too.  It’s time.  Let the winter doldrums melt away.  Try something new for yourself that is also kind to yourself. All of our stylists are wonderful, so you can book an appointment with confidence! Call 315-671-5199 or email us at


All great looks need home-care products to keep you looking your best!  Products I’m falling for this week: Griffin Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner (a great fragrance and clean product), Suncoat Natural Styling Mousse, Frizz Be Gone styling serum by Giovanni (miracle in a bottle) and Feed Your Hold Hairspray by Yarok.  Get your style on!


Alexis’s Journey into the World of Natural Health & Beauty–Introductory Blog

By Alexis Capers — Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

031214_ProductsHello all! This is the first time in my life I have kept an electronic account of my days and the fluff that fills it! I say fluff because I always live to enjoy the day as much as possible. So if it’s a cloudy day (which it often can be in Syracuse), it’s really fluffy! But weather aside, I am excited to share my days and journey with you, flashbacks and hot flashes included! So join me in my path to a new beginning of wellness, work, and wonderment!

I am three weeks in my new position at Natur-Tyme and loving it! For many years, I traveled for a manufacturer doing education and sales. While I loved my job, it took me away from my family (3-year old, 10-year old, and 17-year old) so it was a balancing act to say the least! In July of 2012, I was diagnosed with stage-2A breast cancer.

My perspective on life, family, and work all changed. I realized my worth and the quality-of-life I was providing myself fell short due to taking care of others first—typical career mom.

So I changed gears, left my full time job, and on a leap of faith went back to school to pursue a career in Esthetics. Now while I love to perform services and make people look and feel better, I really love managing a team. As luck would have it (or maybe Karma?), I was approached on my graduation day by our placement teacher with this question “How do you feel about natural products?” Interesting question, I thought. How do I feel about them? I have learned now through my cancer journey how important it is to watch what I put in my body. But what about the things I put on my body? Now I will be the first to admit, I’m a product junkie! So this concept is new to me. However, I have an open mind and a thirst for knowledge, so I decided to dive in! And I am loving every minute of it. So join me each week as I discuss more of my journey and share the fabulous natural products I pick up along the way! Creating a healthier me and you too!

Products I am falling for this week: Natur-Tyme Signature Skin care! All these effective products are featured this month for a fantastic value. Priced just right to try and love yourself! My picks: Glycolic Night Crème, Facial Scrub with MSM, Firming Eye Crème, and Peptide C Serum! LOVE! ~Alexis


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