“No, I won’t!” Homeopathy and Temper Tantrums

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Guest Article by  Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom 

Are temper tantrums a fact of life in your household?
The cantankerous two year-old.
The confrontational teenager.
But what if tantrums were actually beneficial?
Sounds peculiar that such behavior could be considered valuable, doesn’t it?

Well, temper tantrums are indicators that something is out of balance, not only behaviorally, but probably physiologically.  And since symptoms are the key to choosing the proper homeopathic remedy, then this aberrant behavior can actually become useful in addressing the underlying cause.

Many parents explain away their child’s behavior as simply an age-related stage.  Too often, they offer platitudes such as, “Well, of course he has temper tantrums.  He’s 3!” or “She has a terrible attitude, just like her dad!”

While it is true that these pathologies can be age or familyrelated, we should bear in mind that they are still pathologies. Therefore, even if they present, this doesn’t mean that they belong there.

Not every toddler throws a tantrum and not every teenager needs an attitude adjustment.  These problems are particular to the individual and are symptoms to which we ought to give our full attention.

They reflect an idiosyncratic personality that can be guided and brought to its best state through homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy is gentle and won’t change your child’s personality.  When the remedy is chosen correctly, it will bring your child into balance both physically and emotionally.

Bye-bye temper tantrums!

Read through the following descriptions to find the remedy that best fits the entire “picture” of your child’s symptoms.  Administer one dose in the 30th potency every 3-4 hours until improvement is seen, then stop.  If no improvement after the fourth dose, try the remedy that seems to be the next best fit.  For more severe symptoms, the chosen remedy can be given every 1-2 hours.

Nux Vomica
This is the remedy to use for symptoms brought on by going “over-the-top.”  Ailments are brought on by too much sugar, too many drugs, too much stress, pressure, work, food, drinks, etc.  Irritability is a key factor in this remedy along with gastrointestinal issues such as gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

Although irritability is addressed by Chamomilla, it also encompasses symptoms that result from anger.  Symptoms include fractious behavior and acute sensitivity; that is, the reaction is far too great for the stimulus received. Words or physical touch which would normally cause a much less severe response will prompt testy and crotchety comebacks.  This remedy is also particularly useful in cancelling out the workings of unnecessary drugs.

Individuals who might benefit from Lycopodium are generally insecure and cowardly and are typically afflicted by gastrointestinal complaints. Though they appear confident and self-assured, they worry about how they are perceived and judged by others.  Their worries increase when they are by themselves so just having someone nearby alleviates their anxiety. The behavior is often cross and cantankerous.

As its name alludes, Coffea is made from coffee beans, and it addresses those pathologies which are similar to the ill-effects of caffeine. Though there isn’t marked anger or anxiety, which the former three remedies envelop, there is an inability to relax and the mind races. Despite these jittery thoughts, the disposition is quite even-tempered, though there might be some, though little, irritability. Because the mind is already quite excited, even the smallest pain causes inordinate distraction and there is an increased sensitivity to surrounding elements, such as noise, light, touch, etc.

When parents ask me what they should do until the remedy takes effect, I tell them to indeed discipline the child. Just because the behavior may have physiological roots, it doesn’t mean the child shouldn’t be held responsible and taught accordingly. We all have our bad days, and we need to learn how to adjust accordingly, so as not to disrupt family life and society in general.

Give the remedy most suited to your child and you might find that even if anger is still exhibited from time to time, it will be mitigated by an inner wherewithal that was previously absent.

Alexis’ Health & Beauty Journey #6: Finding the Balance

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

Some people are skeptics and some devout believers. Be it a cause, religion, politics you name it. I tend to be the glass half-full girl myself. Also, I believe my life is guided by a purpose. I am where I am supposed to be. The reasons why we are where we are may not always be clear. I heard a philosophy today about this topic “Purpose in Life” and found the content quite interesting. The message was to be passionate about what you are doing, so that you fulfill the purpose of being happy, not so much a career. That should be the goal, have passion for the positive things!

Since my recovery from cancer, I see that I am not the same girl I used to be.

Not worse, but certainly not what I would consider my best. So I have decided that with my journey through natural products I am taking on other alternative ways to find the balance and peace I need to get right with myself, bringing me passion in every moment!

I started with breathing. I take a breath and pause when I am feeling over-whelmed. I stop and take in all the goodness around me. I relish in the laughter of my children and the comfort of the warm sun on my face. I meditate to the sound of the rain rolling down the roof and splashing to the ground. All these joys have given me the simplistic mindset to be open and accepting to anything that can ground me.

So I took this a step further and tried a Reiki session with our Enhanced Beauty Salon’s Reiki Master, Eileen. Now again, I’m not sure how deep I would study into the art of Reiki, but I lay on the table open to being relaxed, still, and stress-free for a small passionate moment. What I experienced next was profound to say the least.

I went in with little expectation and tried to be free of thoughts. “Just breathe and relax,” I told myself. Eileen explained what the process would be and that each individual has their own unique experience. Well, I can tell you that the feeling I received from her hands over me was unbelievable!  Without even touching me, I could feel waves and warmth come over each part of my body!  I have not had headaches like I normally do since my session. I slept better than I have in quite some time. And my peacefulness is more constant.

I have enhanced the experience by burning some pleasant oils at home that bring about a positive response in my mind. Be it the scent of a childhood memory, or a clean, crisp freshness that feels completely carefree!

Will all this keep cancer at bay? Will it help me reach my purpose or add to the success in my life?  I’m not sure, but what I can say is it’s a transcending ride to find out!  One I’m sure going to continue on to keep the passion in my heart alive for years to come!

Falling passionately for this week:

Lavender everything!  From Wyndmere oils to Leep Lavender body powder to Schmidt’s Lavender Sage deodorant, Lavender is calming and soothing. Even for men!  Grapefruit soap by Bentley Organics gives my mind clarity and my skin feels refreshed. NEW MyChelle Argan Oil added to my nightly facial regime has me waking up to the best skin ever!  It’s even great on elbows. Bright SpaRitual polish on my toes peek out at me now that the weather is warm and a beautiful hand-painted candle by Rare Earth burning in the evening is the perfect way to wind down and ignite some passion!


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