Symptoms of Lyme Disease

By Andrew Greeley, Supplement Educator

TickWarningLyme disease is rampant right now in New England. Limes are green and delicious, but that is not where this dreadful bacterium derived its name. In the 1970s, investigators were discovering growing diagnoses of children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis living in wooded areas. These strange occurrences were discovered in a town called Lyme which is located in New London County, Connecticut.

Symptoms can occur quickly or they can occur over the course of months. The first sign of a tick bite is typically a rash that develops a bulls-eye pattern. Flu-like symptoms may follow, along with joint pain and eventually neurological problems such as meningitis. Be extra aware if you live in a wooded area or enjoy hiking. Wearing higher socks and longer sleeve shirts can help protect your skin from ticks. Natur-Tyme carries an essential oil bug repellant appropriately named “Buzz Off” that can reduce the instance of ticks and other pests from encroaching on your personal territory. Geranium oil is also an effective tick repellant. If ever you are bit by a tick, it is important to not smother the poor thing as this can cause it to release fluids into the wound causing a greater chance of illness. If you suspect you have ever been bitten by a tick, it is important to get a blood test. You can then begin antibiotic treatment and pick up a Lyme Disease Protocol at the Natur-Tyme Vitamin desk and begin a regimen of supplements to increase your immune system.

Stop in and talk to our Supplement Educators and Enhanced Beauty department for more information. Time is ticking.


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