Address Health Concerns with Apple Cider Vinegar

By Shannon Morehouse, MA, CHHC


Some health trends last forever and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of them! Its benefits are numerous!

Taking a tablespoon of ACV before meals can help stabilize blood-sugar levels, which is very useful for digestion of high-carbohydrate meals, especially for those who have diabetes.

One of the benefits of ACV is that it can ease an upset stomach. Are you feeling bloated? Nauseous? Simply add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a small glass of water to solve your discomfort. The stomach discomfort is typically because of bacteria and the vinegar contains pectin, which has soothing properties.

ACV can also help with a variety of cold symptoms. Gurgling with two ounces of apple cider vinegar mixed with two ounces of warm water will soothe a sore throat. Along with alleviating a sore throat, ACV will clear your nose of congestion and stuffiness. The potassium in the vinegar makes your mucous thinner, while the acid reacts with the bacteria. This can relieve your stuffy feeling almost instantly.

Not only can ACV help with your cold, but also, it can help in the cold months with dry scalp. You may experience dandruff, which can be embarrassing. Mixing the vinegar with water and then with your shampoo will help your dry scalp. Again, the acidity in the vinegar prevents germs from invading your skin and prevents a dry scalp.

You are probably recognizing a trend; ACV helps almost any condition that is bacterial in nature. It can even be helpful in treating acne. It kills the bacteria on the surface of your skin and leaves you with clear, smooth skin that will be sure to make you happy.

Falling asleep during work? Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee, try grabbing some ACV. Having one tablespoon of vinegar gives you the same amount of energy as a cup of coffee.

The most effective ACV is in a glass bottle, organic, and unfiltered, such as Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Natur-Tyme sells the 32-ounce Bragg’s ACV for 30% off MSRP everyday; it is one of our customers’ favorite L.E.A.N. (Lower Everyday at Natur-Tyme) products!

Thoughts on the Mystery Virus, Enterovirus D-68

By Carol Blair, DiHom, CNC Natur-Tyme Wellness Educatorcarol

A mysterious respiratory virus (actually known as enterovirus D-68) affecting mostly children has been spreading throughout the country. Proactive and concerned parents have already contacted me about what they can do preventatively. Here are some of my thoughts on this current health concern:

To keep the immune system strong, the child should be taking, on a regular basis, a good multi-vitamin supplement, vitamin D, and a probiotic. Extra vitamin C would be helpful as well. If a virus ensues, increasing the vitamin C can be very helpful because there are very few viruses that can withstand enough vitamin C. Chewable vitamin C is available in delicious flavors.

If the child is over the age of two, I suggest homeopathic Oscillococcinum at the very first sign of an illness. Then move on to King-Bio Cold and Flu, another homeopathic formula that usually proves to be beneficial. I always have these on hand.

Umcka has a strange name but not-so-strange benefits. Studied in Europe, it has been shown to increase interferon, the body’s own natural, anti-viral substance. It has been used in Germany for such illnesses as colds and flu, bronchitis, and TB.

Elderberry has been shown in many studies to keep viruses from replicating. One such study, performed at the University of Oslo School of Medicine in Norway, showed that Elderberry reduced viral flu symptoms by 50% and reduced the duration of flu viruses from 7.1 days to 3.1 days.

For older children, Zinc Throat Spray or Zinc lozenges are excellent choices. If they can swallow capsules, consider Russian Choice Immune to increase Natural Killer (NK) cells.

So parents, don’t lay awake at night worrying about this “mystery virus.” No deaths have been reported although with any respiratory illness, including a cold, those with asthma obviously have higher risks. As you can see, there are many options, so handle it like you would any other cold or flu virus–by keeping the immune system strong!

Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

By: Carol Blair, BS, DiHom, CNC

I have two sons who were Boys Scouts so their “Be prepared” motto caught on in our family.

When you get sick, the last thing you want to do is to go to the store to buy what you need. And yet, the best time to “nip something in the bud,” as the saying goes, is VERY early on. So I keep my cabinet well stocked for winter.

You may not keep on hand all that I do but consider picking two or three of your favorites. These are some of the items I have on hand:

King Bio Influenza – used once a week this can ward off the flu, but should you get it, using it several times a day can also help you to feel better faster.

Zinc lozenges – studies have found zinc to be a good preventative to avoid the cold and flu and have also found that zinc can decrease the severity of symptoms as well as the duration of symptoms.

Vitamin C – 500 mg., buffered. (The Natur-Tyme brand also has lipoic acid which helps to re-circulate the C so it lasts longer in the body).

Umcka – the subject of 40 studies as a proven cold and flu remedy. This is also safe for children over the age of two.

Colloidal Silver – nature’s antibiotic. I know you’re worried that you might turn blue/gray like the man in the news, but as long as you don’t take it for years on end and try to make your own, you’ll be okay! I assure you, I have seen clients take it rather indiscriminately and nothing has happened. It’s the size of the particle that matters.

Esberitox – an herbal combination containing Baptisia, Echinacea, and Thuja; safe for children ages two and up. These are small chewable tablets; they may also be used in conjunction with antibiotics, if desired when extra immune support is necessary. I always travel with this on airplanes!

Enhanced Antioxidants – antioxidants protect the immune system and reduce damage to the cells. I use this nearly every day because it is also anti-aging!

Life Shield Immunity – studies show that medicinal mushrooms increase natural killer cells so I take this if I am exposed to something before I get sick!

Kyolic’s garlic immune formula is an inexpensive supplement that contains garlic (aka Russian penicillin) as well as oregano oil and olive leaf extract for additional immune support.

I also have several homeopathics on hand, but that is the subject of another blog! So be prepared and stay well this winter by supporting your immune system at the first sign of exposure.


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