What the Natur-Tyme Difference Means to Me

By Pamela Walker, Supplement Educator

Where do I begin? I guess I’ll start with the grateful Natur-Tyme customer that we helped one day who told us that, “Coming here is better than going to the doctor!” While we can’t diagnose anyone, we can certainly provide them with compassion, understanding, and knowledge of our products. I think of our customers as our extended family because that is exactly what they are. It’s a home away from home for all of us. It’s always wonderful to hear a customer say, “Oh here’s a friendly, familiar face!” as one of us walks up to help them.

And our new store is amazing for the employees as well! I thought we had it going on at the old store on Bridge Street; however, the Tyme-Out Café is just what we needed! I love getting a healthy juice, smoothie, or soup every day from there. And the salads and wraps are tasty and healthy. And did I mention the Enhanced Beauty Salon? It’s so easy to get an appointment for a haircut, facial, or massage. I truly believe that offering massage here at Natur-Tyme compliments our mission of providing health and wellness because massage helps our immune system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, and much more. I love what we do here, love our customers, and am very grateful that Natur-Tyme exists!

Alexis’ Health & Beauty Journey #9: MyChelle Facials

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

Now that summer is here, my skin is going through its attitude changes! I find that breakouts are more likely (un-fair, I thought I left those behind as a teenager!). But the fact is adult acne is more common than adolescent acne. Especially in women!  Oddly, we are fighting aging, sun exposure, and zits?!?  Well the solution is clearer than your best skin…a MyChelle facial!

I have been using the MyChelle skin care line for some time now. You may even remember me sharing some picks I have fallen for in blogs past. The line is extremely effective for such natural ingredients. You can find a product for any skin type and concern. From the most sensitive and reactive skin to those who want to age gracefully, MyChelle has you covered.

Because I believe so much in this line, I wanted to create a way for you as a consumer to fully enjoy its benefits.

Thus, the MySpa program was born!  When you make a MyChelle retail purchase of $50 or more, you receive a FREE 30 minute facial!  When you purchase $75 or more, you get a FREE 60 minute facial!  If you have never had a service like this before, there is no better time. By investing in the products you already use, need, and love, you get a boost with the professional service that preps the skin for all those great MyChelle benefits!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sell you skin care. I am, however, trying to sell the idea that taking care of your skin is not a treat, but a necessity. So often we look at spa services as “pampering” or “extras.” What these small snippets of time do for your physical being can greatly benefit your well being. There’s never a better time to start addressing your skin and the environmental exposures we face than with our MySpa program. The MySpa program runs through August 31st. We have four unique facials to choose from designed with you in mind.

So come to Natur-Tyme today and talk with our knowledgeable staff about the wonders of MyChelle, and take time to take care of the person who takes care of the ones you love!

Products I’m falling for this week:

Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser, I’m not a huge fan of creamy cleansers but this product has changed my mind!  Gentle yet effective, it is perfect for my skin!  Fruit Enzyme Mist: perfect for feeling refreshed, keep it in the fridge for a cool feeling on a hot summer day!  Fabulous Eye Cream:  Look out lines and wrinkles!  Argan Oil:  Great for everything, this lightweight oil will improve your skin, hair, and nails! Serums! (Too many to list!). Supreme Polypeptide Cream:  Ideal moisturizer and foundation for applying your favorite Jane Iredale BB cream!


Spring into Luminous Skin!

By Monique Moshaty, Licensed Esthetician


Old-man winter is hopefully behind us here in Central NY. Soon, the grass will be greener; the birds will sing; and it’s time to show off that springtime glow in your skin again.

Throughout the winter, our skin undergoes a myriad of changes. Due to barometric pressure repeatedly expanding and contracting the skin and cold air sapping the skin of vital water moisture, our skin can become dry and tight and even flaky. Even for the oiliest of skin, loss of water in the skin (transepidermal water loss) can wreak havoc on skin.

A professional facial service is a good jumpstart to healthy skin this time of year, as we transition from winter to spring. A professional consultation from an experienced esthetician can help you pinpoint key areas that may have been disrupted with the changing weather. Under bright light and 15x magnification, the estheticians at Natur-tyme’s Enhanced Beauty Salon can see further than the naked eye: dryness, extensive sun damage, broken capillaries, and so on. These types of issues can be treated in the facial room with key products.

Three great products to treat dry, dehydrated skin are:

  • Rosehip seed oil—This oil gradually releases nutrients and moisture into the skin and quickly repairs dry, damaged skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid—This acid can hold up to 10,000 times its weight in water. Thus, plumping the skin from inside out will help prevent TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss.)
  • Cream-based facial washes—Look for a wash containing a rich cream base of pumpkin, cucumber, or chamomile. Also check for included ingredients that soothe and heal like allantoun (from comfrey root–a natural healing plant), violet extract, or licorice root. Move cleanser around with fingers, washcloth, or facial brush. Remember light exfoliation is the key to removing dead skin cells to reveal new and radiant skin.

Face the coming season with youthful, glowing skin by following the advice of your esthetician and applying these tips for homecare.

DIY Soothing Summer Skin Mask

By Christina Murgia, Licensed Cosmetologist and Licensed Esthetician

Here’s a great skin mask that is effective for all skin types including sensitive. This soothing and detoxifying mask will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated all summer long. The ingredients are all available at Natur-Tyme!


– 1 Tablespoon of Moroccan red clay powder…place it in a small bowl. This powder is designed for sensitive skin. It also detoxifies and removes impurities, helping to minimize and tighten pores.

– 1/2 teaspoon of Green tea Heat 1/4 cup of water and steep the tea bag for five minutes. Than, add a 1/2 of teaspoon of this green tea into the small bowl.

– Add 1/2 teaspoon of Aloe Life’s Skin Gel/Ultimate Skin Treatment into the small bowl. This certified-organic whole-leaf aloe vera is unscented and infused with vitamins and herbs. This particular aloe is incredibly nourishing and beneficial for multiple skin conditions.

Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl until smooth. If you desire a thinner consistency, add a touch more green tea.

This treatment mask can be used up to three times a week and anywhere on the body. External use only!!!

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