Alexis’ Health & Beauty Journey #9: MyChelle Facials

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

Now that summer is here, my skin is going through its attitude changes! I find that breakouts are more likely (un-fair, I thought I left those behind as a teenager!). But the fact is adult acne is more common than adolescent acne. Especially in women!  Oddly, we are fighting aging, sun exposure, and zits?!?  Well the solution is clearer than your best skin…a MyChelle facial!

I have been using the MyChelle skin care line for some time now. You may even remember me sharing some picks I have fallen for in blogs past. The line is extremely effective for such natural ingredients. You can find a product for any skin type and concern. From the most sensitive and reactive skin to those who want to age gracefully, MyChelle has you covered.

Because I believe so much in this line, I wanted to create a way for you as a consumer to fully enjoy its benefits.

Thus, the MySpa program was born!  When you make a MyChelle retail purchase of $50 or more, you receive a FREE 30 minute facial!  When you purchase $75 or more, you get a FREE 60 minute facial!  If you have never had a service like this before, there is no better time. By investing in the products you already use, need, and love, you get a boost with the professional service that preps the skin for all those great MyChelle benefits!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sell you skin care. I am, however, trying to sell the idea that taking care of your skin is not a treat, but a necessity. So often we look at spa services as “pampering” or “extras.” What these small snippets of time do for your physical being can greatly benefit your well being. There’s never a better time to start addressing your skin and the environmental exposures we face than with our MySpa program. The MySpa program runs through August 31st. We have four unique facials to choose from designed with you in mind.

So come to Natur-Tyme today and talk with our knowledgeable staff about the wonders of MyChelle, and take time to take care of the person who takes care of the ones you love!

Products I’m falling for this week:

Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser, I’m not a huge fan of creamy cleansers but this product has changed my mind!  Gentle yet effective, it is perfect for my skin!  Fruit Enzyme Mist: perfect for feeling refreshed, keep it in the fridge for a cool feeling on a hot summer day!  Fabulous Eye Cream:  Look out lines and wrinkles!  Argan Oil:  Great for everything, this lightweight oil will improve your skin, hair, and nails! Serums! (Too many to list!). Supreme Polypeptide Cream:  Ideal moisturizer and foundation for applying your favorite Jane Iredale BB cream!


Alexis’ Health & Beauty Journey #7: Smooth and Effortless

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

I think we take for granted sometimes the simple things in life. I spoke last time about finding peace and enjoying moments. As I was reflecting the other day, I realized that my transition into natural products versus everyday consumer goods has been so smooth and effortless. I am amazed at how many things I have actually converted to. Not only for myself, but my spouse, my children, extended family, and friends!  Some may think I’m loony. It’s ok with me. I know I’m directing them toward a healthier way of life.

My mother-in-law broke it down for me on her last visit.

She told me I never looked better since I started using natural products!

My hair, my skin, and my energy!  Now that’s saying something!  So I encourage you all to try, even a little, to make the effort to transition to a kinder, more natural product. If I, the Glam Diva Extraordinaire can do it, you can too!

Start with simple things like Griffin or Aubrey shampoos and conditioners. They smell great, work great, and give you better results over time than standard salon products. They are reasonably priced too!  You will feel the difference and once you fall in love, you can add styling products to the natural mix.

Next, step into some amazing skin care!  Right now, we are offering the best deal in the industry! When you purchase the MyChelle products you need every day to take care of your skin, we are rewarding you with a free facial!  That’s right, I said FREE. When you invest $50 in your skin products, you get a FREE 30-minute facial. Invest over $75 in MyChelle products and get a full-hour facial, also FREE!  This is an unbeatable way to jumpstart the use of natural skin care products to effectively target any concerns you have and get your skin on the right path. We have a full line of science-meets-nature products customized to any skin type, with facials to match. No guesswork needed. Perfect for summer too!

So come fall in love with yourself all over again like I have, naturally!

Products to help you fall in love this week…Griffin Remedy Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner for color-treated hair (my personal pick!) and Aubrey Rosa-Mosqueta Shampoo and Conditioner, a color-safe formula to bring all hair types back to life!

Next, take a simple approach to skincare with a few MyChelle basics.

CLEANSE- Honeydew Cleanser is gentle but effective. For more exfoliation, try Fruit Enzyme Cleanser.

FRESHEN- with the Fruit Enzyme mist. The 2.1 oz size is perfect to take with you and refresh all day!

BOOST- Apply a serum of choice, my faves are Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum for day, Vitamin A Serum for night.

MOISTURIZE- start with Fabulous Eye Cream and NEW Advanced Argan Oil plus Supreme Polypeptide Cream (all three at a fantastic low price all summer long!).   PROTECT- your efforts!  Daily Defense Cream will deliver the perfect moisture and SPF for each day.

Couple these steps with the free facial and enjoy the skin your in!




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