Yet Another Amazing Benefit of Vitamin D

factoids-banner-sunshineMost of us, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, are deficient in vitamin D. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has recently increased the recommended daily allowance from 400 IU to 800+ IU. Research has shown that vitamin D is beneficial for immune health, brain health, and more. And now a study by Italian researchers has found that vitamin D may benefit heart health. This small study looked at a group of heart failure patients, averaging 74 years old, with low vitamin D levels. Half the group took 4,000 IU vitamin D daily for 25 weeks, and the other half took a placebo. The vitamin D group experienced an improvement in ejection fraction rate (how well blood is being pumped out of the heart) by over 20%, but the placebo group worsened. The vitamin D group also lowered their systolic blood pressure.

Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis Aug. 2014;24(8):861-8.

Warm up at the Tyme-Out Café with Mexican Hot Chocolate

By Deborah SorrentinoChocolateCayenneBlog

These cold winter months of shivers and chills spark our instincts to turn to warm, delicious beverages. May we recommend Tyme-Out Café’s Mexican Hot Chocolate?

Our version of this beverage is not just another pretty taste. There is a therapeutic method to our madness.

The key components of our recipe are raw cacao powder, maple syrup, cinnamon, and last but not least, cayenne pepper.

Raw cacao, the darkest of dark chocolates, is rich in magnesium, and one of the world’s best sources of antioxidants.

Not all sweeteners are created equal. Maple syrup contains polyphenols, antioxidants that quell inflammation, which is linked to a slew of health conditions from cancer to arthritis.

Obtained from the inner bark of several trees in the genus, cinnamon, is a spice used in both sweet and savory recipes. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have long revered cinnamon as a superpower used to treat things such as colds, indigestion, and cramps and also believed to improve energy, vitality, and circulation. One-half teaspoon of cinnamon daily can lower LDL (bad cholesterol). It has an anti-clotting effect on the blood. Cinnamon can also help stabilize blood sugar, which helps with weight loss. A couple of dashes in your morning cereal or beverage are all it takes! When added to food, it acts as an inhibitor of bacterial growth and food spoilage. Just smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function and memory.

Cayenne pepper is somewhat of a miracle ingredient. Cayenne may have the ability to ease stomach upset, ulcers, sore throats, spasmodic and irritating coughs, and diarrhea. It aids in breaking up and moving congested mucus. Once mucus begins to leave the body, relief from cold and flu symptoms generally follows. Cayenne may aid in the prevention of migraine headaches. This may be related to the pepper’s ability to stimulate a pain response in a different area of the body, thus redirecting the brain’s attention to the new site. Cayenne’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great herb for arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, and herpes-related nerve damage. It is also credited with stimulating the production of saliva, an important key to excellent digestion and optimal oral health.

With all of these benefits hidden in a rich and deeply delicious drink, could you ask for anything more? Indulge yourself with a Mexican Hot Chocolate and know you are doing something wonderfully beneficial for your body and soul.

Keys to Heart Health

By Carol Blair BS, DiHom, CNC

In 2007, when Stephen Sinatra, MD, a board-certified cardiologist, visited Syracuse for Natur-Tyme’s annual event, I had the pleasure of having dinner with him and his lovely wife.  I learned a lot about cardiovascular disease from him and I would like to share some of that with you today.

Keys to Heart Health

He has some interesting and non-allopathic views regarding health and disease.  He believes that all disease is caused by these things:

  • Nutrient depletions–with the biggest depletions being caused by prescription drugs. That is quite an admission from a board-certified cardiologist!
  • Environmental pollution with pesticide exposure leading the way
  • Emotional toxicity–uncontrolled anger and being unable to forgive
  • Inflammation

Further, be believes that cholesterol is not the most important factor in heart disease.  High homocysteine and C-Reactive Protein are more indicative of heart disease, and reducing these reduces inflammation.

To reverse plaque, Dr. Sinatra recommends:

  • Consuming high antioxidant foods like pomegranate, avocados, blueberries, asparagus, cabbage family foods, ginger, and green tea and supplemental antioxidants such as vitamin E.  He also recommends fish oil, garlic, nattokinase, and to keep calcium off the arteries, vitamin K. Be sure to check with your doctor as some of these recommendations might interfere with blood-thinning drugs.
  • CoQ10–-the body cannot survive without CoQ10 and as we age we make less of it.  It is very depleted by statin drugs and many blood pressure drugs.
  • Fish oil is a given as it reduces pro-inflammatory chemical messengers, helps reduce triglycerides, and promotes healthy blood sugar levels.
  • To improve mitochondrial function, Dr. Sinatra recommends D-Ribose.  This is a naturally-occurring carbohydrate that improves heart function, provides energy for the cells, and increases muscle strength.  If you are fatigued or have had a heart attack, this is vital and you will feel a difference when you add it into your supplement regimen.
  • Magnesium is one of the most deficient minerals in our country.  It is extremely important for muscles and the heart is a muscle!
  • L-Carnitine plays a critical role in increasing ATP (energy production) and supports fat metabolism; it is responsible for transporting fatty acids into the cells where energy is produced. It also improves triglycerides and liver function.

Work with your doctor to try some of these things, and you will actually FEEL the difference within a month.  I will be happy to work with you if you need additional help.

Protect your heart–it’s the only one you have!


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