Alexis’ Health & Beauty Journey #11: On Time and Going Natural

Capers-Alexis_AFTERBy Alexis Capers – Alexis Capers is our Enhanced Beauty Salon and Enhanced Beauty Area manager. Join her every other Wednesday for a blog about her journey into natural health & beauty products.

Time. If I could bottle it and sell it to people, boy would I be rich! We never seem to have enough of it, always running out of it; and in some cases wishing it would go faster! Yet the one time trap I catch myself in periodically is the “I have plenty of time to get to that later” mantra.

As life moves on, I find that saying to be sadly inaccurate. I don’t have infinite amounts of time to get my health in order. Time to spend enjoying the moments I should cherish with my children. Time to reconnect with loved ones and friends I have lost touch with, not having the “Time” to stay connected.

Our wellbeing is balanced in good nutrition, peace of mind, healthy relationships, and effective management and use of our time.

Take a look at the common things you use every day on your body. Most women put up to 515 different combinations of chemicals on their bodies daily, many that are combined to “save time” getting ready in the morning, while never really thinking of the impact on their health. Common shampoos contain an average of 15 chemical ingredients, eye shadows 26, lipsticks 33, hairsprays 11, blushes and foundations a whopping 40 combined!!!

How many of these items and more do you slather on each day? I know I wear my fair share. And we wonder why our minds are not as sharp. Where has our energy gone? Personally, I always blame it on my kids! (They always take the best of you ya know!)

Well it’s time to stop the insanity as Susan Powter used to say! Get back the vitality you once had. Be sharp again. Heck, remember where you left your car keys for a change! We can help you reduce the numbers of nasty chemicals by introducing you to safer alternatives. The beautiful part is, you don’t have to give up a whole lot to be natural!

Start today on a healthy path by taking the time to talk with us about what products you can add to your daily routine, even one at a time, to reduce your exposure to nasty ingredients. While you’re here, take the time to meet with our wellness and supplement educators on how to add one or two essentials into your daily regimen to give you more strength and clarity to live stronger and longer! Hey, did I just buy you more time???

What I’m falling for this week:

Jarrow Vitamin B12 gives me the energy I need to keep going! MegaFood supplements carry a wonderful women’s multi-vitamin to get the basics down. Griffin Daily or Restorative Shampoo and Conditioners are both very “clean” products and they are all on sale for August! Dead Sea Warehouse bath salts (also on sale) have the right amount of minerals in them to get your body balanced and your skin feeling wonderful! I could go on and on…


Eye Makeup How-Tos from Natur-Tyme’s Yu-Lee

Best Makeup Techniques for Standard Eyes By Yu-Lee

Standard Eyes
For standard eyes, use a dark, medium, and highlighting color for a beautiful look. Cover your entire eyelids with the medium color; this is your “base color.” Depending on how much drama you want, place the dark color, lightly or more heavily to the crease and outer corners of your lids. Lastly, apply the highlighting color under the outer section of your brows. You can also place the highlighting color in the corners closest to the nose to give a little more pop!

Best Makeup Techniques for Wide-Set Eyes By Yu-Lee

Wide Set
If you have more wide-set eyes, you want to apply your darkest color in the middle or closer to the nose on the eye lid. The lighter color should be applied to the out side corners and directly under the eye brow. This will draw attention and focus inward  on the face and give a more balanced appearance. Avoid eyeliner, but use dark mascara for a little more intensity!

Eye Makeup How-Tos from Natur-Tyme’s Ginnie

Best Makeup Techniques for Close-Set Eyes By Ginnie

Close Set
Focus the darker color on the outer side of your eyelids, gradually getting light in shade as you apply towards the nose. Apply eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyelids. This will help draw the appearance of your eyes up and out.

Best Makeup Techniques for Mature Eyes By Ginnie

Mature Eyes
Getting a youthful look with mature eyes is actually quick and easy. Avoid heavy eyeliner and chose neutral light shades to lighten and brighten your eyes. Focus more on shading your eyebrows to give your eyes that extra lift.


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