PGX for Weight Loss

By Laurel Sterling, RD

laurelPeople are consistently coming in to see me regarding weight loss, appetite control, and blood-sugar regulation. If I had to choose one product that would address all of these issues, I would recommend PGX to them.

PGX is PolyGlycopleX. PGX is a blend of highly purified naturally-occurring, water-soluble indigestible polysaccharides (fibers). PGX has been clinically studied for years particularly for blood-sugar regulation.

Added to liquid, PGX absorbs over 600 times its weight in water. Taken with adequate amounts of water, it expands in the stomach and intestine. This is how it makes you feel fuller faster and longer reducing hunger so that you eat less. PGX helps get you over the blood-sugar rollercoaster. I have seen clients take one dose of the PGX granules, and their blood-sugar numbers were steadily lowered…for a full day!

There are many ways to get in your daily PGX. There are softgels, granules, and a protein drink called SlimStyles. You will need to ramp up slowly with the PGX so you get used to the extra fiber. There is a caution to take medications one hour before or two hours after PGX. PGX can be utilized along with any sensible dietary plan. Some people have used the protein drink as their breakfast, and put the granules in an evening soup. However you choose to do it, PGX is the way to go!


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