Homeopathics to the Rescue for Allergies

Carol B. Blair, BS, CNC, DiHom, 78629722
Wellness Educator

Homeopathics are great for allergies.  We have a wonderful formula called North East Allergy that has minute, homeopathic doses of most of the trees and plants in our area.  It is based on the theory that like cures like, similar to allergy shots, but without the harmful toxins. This formula often reduces the sneezing, sore throat, sinus congestion, and itchy, watery eyes, and runny nose that are typical symptoms of outdoor allergies. Three sprays in the mouth about three times a day has been a small miracle for many individuals.

If this stops working or doesn’t seem to be enough to solve all of those upper respiratory symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, and sinus pressure, some of the more serious allergy sufferers may need to add in Sinus Relief.

If, instead of the upper respiratory symptoms, you tend toward developing bronchial symptoms with mucous congestion, hoarseness and coughing, add in the Asthma Formula along with the North East Allergy. This helps reduce the risk of bronchitis setting in and typically reduces the coughing as well.

These remedies are not meant to replace asthma or other medications prescribed by your doctor, but may be taken along with them. The wonderful thing about homeopathics (unlike some herbs or other supplements), is that they do not interfere with medications.

Of course, there are also other natural anti-histamines available, and if you are a serious allergy sufferer and would like some additional help, feel free to call Natur-Tyme at 488-6300 for a free consultation with Laurel or Carol.

We may have to suffer through Syracuse weather; but, we don’t have to suffer with all of the allergy symptoms the area has to offer, too.

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