Dairy Products Tainted with rBGH

By: Carol B. Blair, BS, CNC, DiHom
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Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is injected into cows to increase milk production. It is a synthetic version of a natural hormone produced in a cow’s pituitary gland. This artificial version was developed by Monsanto from genetically-modified E. coli bacteria.

This hormone has been banned in 30 countries including Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand because it is considered unsafe. In fact, as far back as 1999, the UN Safety Agency unanimously ruled NOT to endorse its safety which has resulted in a ban on US milk internationally.

Studies have linked it to higher risks for cancer including prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer in humans. However, in the United States, where many believe our nation’s health is less important than profits, it remains on the market.

Cows also suffer with increased mastitis, arthritis, and other health issues.

To avoid this risky hormone, look for organic milk and dairy products including whey protein or at the very least look for the words “No rBGH.”

Beta-alanine and Whey Protein as Part of a Mens’ Supplement Regimen

By Kevin Duerr136147555_Small

As a supplement educator at Natur-Tyme, I often have male fitness enthusiasts ask me what they can do to increase power, strength, energy, endurance, and focus through their supplement reigmen. I will be devoting three blogs to this subject. In the first blog I discuss Acetyl L-Carnitine and Alpha GPC. In the second blog, I discuss Creatine, and in the third blog, I discuss Beta-alanine and Whey Protein.

Beta-alanine is a unique version of the amino acid alanine. Beta-alanine supplements are taken to help increase intracellular levels of carnosine. Carnosine is a dipeptide that consists of the amino acids histidine and alanine. Increasing intracellular levels of carnosine helps protect your body against uncontrolled oxidation and glycation. Carnosine is also a powerful intracellular buffer that reduces acidity. This fact is of interest to athletes. During exercise, your muscles produce a pH-lowering byproduct known as lactic acid. Lactic acid interferes with muscular contraction due to its high concentration of hydrogen ions. The hydrogen ions that are released from lactic acid cause a painful chemical burn within your muscle tissue. Carnosine reduces the acidity and keeps your muscle pH up by absorbing these hydrogen ions. The net result of increased carnosine levels is an increase in your ability to extend a set of given exercises beyond normal limits. You can train harder, run longer, and obtain better results. Preformed carnosine is available in supplement form, but it can be pricey and difficult to absorb intact. A better strategy is supplement with beta-alanine. Beta-alanine increases intracellular carnosine levels better than taking oral carnosine supplements. If you desire to push yourself to your absolute limit; beta-alanine supplements are crucial.

Whey protein is a superior form of protein due to its ideal aminoacid content and its high bioavailability. The body better utilizes and retains the amino acids from whey protein when compared and contrasted to other protein sources. Whey protein is rich in the amino acids valine, leucine, and Isoleucine. These amino acids comprise roughly one third of your skeletal muscle structure. Supplementing your diet with whey protein provides your body with the building blocks to recover from intense workouts. Whey protein is also high in the amino acid cysteine. This amino acid helps boost immunity by boosting glutathione levels. Whey protein is also very low in fat so you can use it while dieting as well. If your mission is to build a better body, you better be training hard and supplementing with whey protein.

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